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13 Awesome Turkey Hunting Stories from this Spring Season

The 2024 spring turkey hunting season brought remarkable stories from across the country, showcasing a resurgence in turkey populations and inspiring tales from hunters of all ages and backgrounds. From record harvests in Wisconsin and Minnesota to community efforts in West Virginia, this season has been one for the books. We highlight not only the impressive statistics but also the heartwarming and adventurous anecdotes that define this year’s turkey hunting experience. Dive into these compelling stories and discover the dedication, passion, and community spirit that make turkey hunting a beloved tradition.

Hunters Register 50,435 Wild Turkeys in 2024 Spring Season, Fourth Highest in History

Turkey Hunting

Dylan Hazen

Hunters registered 50,435 wild turkeys in Wisconsin’s 2024 spring season, a 22% increase over the five-year average and the fourth highest in state history, reflecting the state’s strong turkey population and favorable conditions. Mild winters and warm, dry springs contributed to excellent adult survival and nesting success, leading to more turkeys on the landscape. The 2024 season marks the fourth time Wisconsin hunters have harvested over 50,000 turkeys, with similar successes noted in neighboring states. The Wisconsin DNR’s turkey management strategies, validated by these results, continue to support sustainable hunting practices and population growth. Read full article.

Bountiful Minnesota Spring Wild Turkey Hunting Sets Records

Turkey Hunting

Bill Marchel

Minnesota wild turkey hunters achieved a record harvest this spring, bagging over 16,600 birds, a 19% increase from the previous record. Contributing factors included an abundance of gobblers and favorable weather conditions, leading to greater opportunities for hunters. Youth participation also rose significantly, with notable increases in license sales, particularly among younger hunters. This success is attributed to ideal nesting conditions and mild winter, which helped more turkeys survive and thrive. Read the full article.

 Hunters of Color Is on a Mission to Make the Outdoors More Accessible to Minorities — Whether the Hunting Community Is Ready or Not

Hunters of Color

Photo courtesy HOC

The article highlights the challenges and mission of Hunters of Color (HOC), an organization aiming to create equal opportunities in hunting for underrepresented groups. Founded by Jimmy Flatt, HOC focuses on providing mentorship and fostering a diverse outdoors community. Participants like Johnson and Hentati, who lacked hunting mentors growing up, find support and guidance through HOC, which also emphasizes conservation. Despite facing barriers, including a predominantly white hunting culture and racial incidents, HOC persists in promoting inclusivity and expanding hunting opportunities for people of color. Read the full article.

Juggling Motherhood and the Adventure

Turkey hunting - Motherhood NWTF


This article highlights the challenges and rewards of hunting moms. It reveals that women have been hunters for centuries and showcases the modern-day balancing act between motherhood and outdoor pursuits. Through personal stories, like a memorable turkey hunt with a pregnant friend, the article emphasizes the need for strategic planning and support. It inspires readers by underscoring the importance of nurturing personal passions while fulfilling family responsibilities. Read the full article to explore these compelling experiences and insights. Read the full article.

Reviving the Roost: Roscoe Spaulding’s Legacy in West Virginia Turkey Hunting

North American Outdoorsman

Roscoe Spaulding

Discover how Roscoe Spaulding revitalized Wayne County’s turkey population and became a legendary mentor in the hunting community. Learn about his unique methods of raising and releasing turkey chicks and his lifelong dedication to teaching others the art of turkey hunting. Dive into the story of the inaugural Roscoe Spaulding Memorial Turkey Hunt, an event honoring his legacy and funding a headstone and future scholarship, showcasing the lasting impact of this remarkable conservationist and community figure. Read the full article.

2024 Turkey Season in Review: Eastern Gobbler Rebound, Bearded Hens, Late Gobbling, and Vienna Sausages

Turkey season in review

The author reflects on an exceptional turkey hunting season, spanning 30 days across various states from late March to early May. He notes an encouraging rebound in turkey populations in many areas, with harvest statistics showing increases, despite mixed impacts from regulatory changes. The author emphasizes the role of predation and habitat quality in turkey declines, advocating for better private land management. He also highlights the importance of perseverance when hunting, sharing anecdotes of successful hunts after initial setbacks, and concludes with observations on the effectiveness of different calling techniques and the variability of late-season gobbling patterns. Read the full article.

Halfway there: Winner of Florida raffle now halfway to slam

Turkeys for tomorrow

Jeff Neill has several years’ experience hunting turkeys in his native Wisconsin, but traveling the country and encountering the different strategies that go along with differing terrain has heated his passion for the springtime pursuit to a fever pitch. The experience has kindled a fire in the adventurer’s soul for Neill. With Easterns and now an Osceola to his credit, he’s halfway to the Wild Turkey Grand Slam. Read the full article.

8-Year-Old’s First Turkey Is a Smoke-Phase Bearded Hen

Turkey Hunting

Eight-year-old Vaughn Siver bagged a rare bearded hen with smoke-phase coloration during his first turkey hunt in early May in western South Dakota, accompanied by his dad, Cody. After setting up camp and scouting, they set up ground blinds and, despite initial challenges, Vaughn successfully shot the unique bird. Cody also managed to fill his tag by shooting a tom later. The experience, marked by the discovery of the rare leucistic turkey, made the hunt unforgettable for Vaughn, who enjoyed both the hunt and the camping adventure. Read the full article.

Senior Solutions

Nwtf Senior Solutions

Laurie Lee Dovey offers a compelling look at how senior hunters adapt to the physical challenges of aging while maintaining their passion for the sport. At 69, the author shares insights from seasoned hunters like Brad Harris and Brenda Valentine, who emphasize the importance of self-assessment and adaptive equipment such as hearing aids, scopes, and lighter shotguns. The article highlights strategies for coping with declining mobility and senses, and the value of simplicity and patience in hunting. It encourages older hunters to embrace their limitations, use innovative tools, and savor the experience. Read the full article to discover how age can enhance, rather than hinder, the joy of turkey hunting. Read the full article.

Osceola Turkeys: Thunder in the Palms

Petersen's Hunting

In “Osceola Turkeys: Thunder in the Palms,” Joe Ferronato recounts his thrilling adventure hunting Osceola turkeys in Florida. Initially skeptical, he joins expert guide Mike Tussey, navigating dense forests and tropical storms. The article highlights the adrenaline of close encounters with these elusive birds and the challenges of the unique Florida ecosystem. Ferronato’s newfound respect for turkey hunting and detailed gear insights make this a captivating read for hunting enthusiasts. Dive into the full story for an immersive experience of the Osceola turkey hunt. Read the full article.

On The Ridge with Joe Judd: More successful tales from the hunt

Greenfield Recorder

The article reflects on the joy and memories created during the 2024 wild turkey hunting season, which has been successful for both young and seasoned hunters in Franklin County. The author emphasizes that the greatest moments in turkey hunting are not just about the harvest but about sharing the experience with family and friends and passing on the tradition to the next generation. A highlight of the season is the story of Joe Warger and his son Casey, who reunited for a memorable hunt after nine years, exemplifying the deep bonds and cherished memories formed through turkey hunting. The article underscores the profound connection and joy that hunters feel when they engage with nature and share these experiences with loved ones. Read the full article.

Turkey Season was an Experience

The daily Leader Turkey Hunting

The 2024 Spring Turkey season was memorable for the author, although no turkeys were harvested. Despite the lack of a successful hunt, the author cherished various experiences such as hearing turkey drumming, encountering wildlife, and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Memorable moments included observing turkeys, dealing with unpredictable weather, and encountering snakes and turtles. The author emphasizes the joy of being in nature and looks forward to future outdoor activities and habitat work. Read the full article.

State of the Wild Turkey 2024: An Interview with Dr. Mike Chamberlain

Field & Stream

John Hafner Photography

Dr. Mike Chamberlain, known as the “Turkey Doctor,” provided an update on the state of wild turkeys, noting mixed observations from the 2024 season. While some areas, like Arkansas, show signs of population recovery, other regions, particularly in the Southeast and Midwest, continue to experience declines. He emphasized the importance of ongoing research, which is currently more extensive and collaborative than ever, aimed at understanding and addressing factors affecting turkey populations. Chamberlain remains cautiously optimistic, highlighting that comprehensive and standardized research will eventually yield the answers needed to stabilize and improve wild turkey numbers. Read the full article.


The 2024 spring turkey hunting season has been filled with unforgettable moments and significant achievements, reflecting the vitality of turkey populations and the enthusiasm of hunters nationwide. Whether it’s the record-setting harvests, the inclusive efforts of organizations like Hunters of Color, or the touching memorial hunts honoring legends like Roscoe Spaulding, these stories capture the essence of the hunting community. As we look forward to future seasons, these tales remind us of the importance of conservation, mentorship, and the shared joy of experiencing the great outdoors.

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