Where To Hunt - NSSF Let's Go Hunting


The LETSGOHUNTINGTM website provides information on and awareness of hunting, including hunting laws and regulations, information on hunting preserves, and other general information for new and experienced hunters.

Hunting Laws And Regulations

Every state has different seasons, bag limits and regulations regarding when, where and with what you can hunt. Rifle season for deer will be different than muzzleloader season—and there may even be different seasons for flintlocks and in-line muzzleloaders. Certain public lands may be open for hunting during limited times. One county allows hunting, but the one next to it doesn’t. And you may be restricted in your pursuit of an animal to a particular firearm type and ammunition.

Find A Bird Hunting Preserve

Bird hunting preserves are a great places to get some pre-season training in on young bird dogs, as well as a tune-up for those veteran dogs who’ve been playing fetch with a tennis ball since last season ended and those veteran hunters who haven’t shot much since then either.