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How to Practice Shooting Your Rifle For a Hunt

Sighting in your scope and figuring out your ideal rifle and ammo combo are just the first steps in prepping for a big game hunt.

Don’t waste energy at the shooting range by firing your high powered hunting rifle too much in one session. Fatigue will lead to bad shooting habits and a sore body. Instead, hit the range more often and shoot less. If you don’t want to go home after five to 10 shots, bring a handgun or plinker along and switch off.

Literally get to know your gun at home. Practice getting comfortable with all shooting positions while achieving a good sight picture and cycling your rifle with dummy rounds. You can do this in even the smallest living spaces as long as you practice proper gun safety.

Choose the right shooting rest for you, and practice with it, a lot. It is essential that you train with the shooting sticks, bipod, or backpack you will use in the field when you’re practicing at home and with live fire at the range.

Practice shooting your hunting rifle at both short and long distances. This will give you greater confidence in the field no matter what kind of shot you have to take.

The fall of 2018 was a big step for me in my journey as a hunter. After many years shooting shotguns and upland bird and turkey hunting, I actually had a big game tag in my pocket.


In this video, former Army Ranger sniper team leader Ryan Cleckner discusses alternate shooting positions to make sure you are as stable as possible.

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