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Here’s the Challenge: Why Do You Go Hunting?

As an experienced bird hunter, you know there is much more to a successful day than a full game bag. And when you’re helping a newcomer become a hunter, sometimes it’s all that other stuff that becomes most important.

Not everyone is a crack shot like you (hah!). And each new hunter has their own priorities for what makes a fantastic day afield. So when you’re working with a new hunter, don’t forget to talk about all that other stuff: share photos, tell stories, talk strategy and tactics, describe the terrain and scenery. Okay, then brag on your dog.

Sometimes, it’s about gathering wild food, heart-pounding excitement, or quality time with friends and family. Whatever it might be, give your newbie plenty of reasons to go hunting with you … besides a heavy vest. Watch the video, then share all aspects of a hunting trip with your new hunter.


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