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Celebrate National Hunting & Fishing Day


National Hunting and Fishing Day is this Saturday, September 23, and NSSF, as a major sponsor, encourages all sportsmen and sportswomen to participate.


Celebrating National Hunting and Fishing Day!

On the fourth Saturday of every September, NHF Day recognizes generations of sportsmen and women for their contributions to the conservation of our nation’s rich sporting heritage and natural resources. One of the main goals of National Hunting and Fishing Day is to recruit new hunters and anglers by encouraging participation and increasing public awareness of the connection between hunting, angling, and conservation. Through self-imposed fees and excise taxes, sportsmen and women have raised more than $57 billion–that’s more than $100,000 every 30 minutes being raised for conservation. Now on its 51st year, NHF Day is the largest, most effective grassroots movement ever undertaken to promote outdoor sports and conservation.

Launched by Congress in 1971 and heavily promoted by NSSF for decades, NHF Day is now administered by Wonders of Wildlife Museum and has consistently recognized hunters and anglers for their leadership in wildlife and conservation.

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Hunting, Fishing, and Shooting Sports are not just great American pastimes – they are the very foundation that supports the model of wildlife conservation created more than a century ago in this country. By introducing new audiences to these activities, we ensure that wildlife and wild places will be protected for generations to come.

Hunting is a useful and beneficial wildlife management tool that ensures and maintains the health and abundance of game species and the balance of our natural resources. There are a number of species, from upland birds to big game animals to hunt. Learn more about these species from game bird and game animal organizations.


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