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New Turkey Hunter +ONE®️ Starter Pack Promo

Are you a new turkey hunter or hoping to be a hunting mentor? We put together this package to encourage those interested in turkey hunting to try it this year.

We welcome all who are interested in hunting to participate — from new to experienced hunters. Please share this with someone you think would like to get started.

Hunting wild turkeys can be overwhelming for any beginner, but the right information and gear can go a long way. The hunting location, the local hunting regulations, and the gear involved are the main ingredients you need to get started.

Turkey hunting is always more fun with a friend along. The strategy and scouting can become a lot easier and the shared success is truly something that makes the hunt more memorable. Don’t regret having to say “you should’ve been there” or “you had to see it to believe it!”

Your participation in this giveaway will also make sure you’re in the loop for other giveaway opportunities in the future.

From a camo hunting blind to trail cameras for scouting to eye and ear protection, we’ve got a standard list of beginner gear ready for one lucky turkey hunter!

Will you embrace the +ONE®️ mentorship mission and either try hunting for the first time or invite someone new on a hunt? It’s the best way to give back as a hunter.

More Help For Turkey Hunters

A great resource for turkey hunting is the National Wild Turkey Federation. They’ve got tips, events and a great community to get active in to learn more.

It’s extremely rewarding to get your own wild turkey and make great meals for yourself and others from the lean and organic wild game meat. We wish you the best luck in this giveaway and while hunting this year!