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How to Improve Shooting Accuracy from a Seated Position

If you want to score some serious brownie points next Valentine’s Day, give your beloved a copy of FM 23-5, also known as the Basic Field Manual for the U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, M1. This gem, put out by the War Department in 1940, details how to care for and use the immortal M1 Garand, but it also includes a wealth of information on marksmanship and shooting drills.

One of the illustrations shows proper way to shoot from the seated position with a shooting sling, which is a skill all but lost among most hunters.

Although taking seated shots — for all practical purposes — is irrelevant for today’s soldiers, it is the best all-around field position for a hunter to master because it is quick to get into, helps your muzzle clear vegetation and other obstacles, and with a couple of modifications is accurate at very long ranges. Without a doubt, I’ve killed more game from that one position than any other, and I have learned to adapt it to a variety of terrain and circumstances.

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