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How to Mount Shotgun Optics

There are a few ways to get red dots, reflex sights, and scopes on a shotgun. Here’s how to choose based on application.

You don’t often find optics on shotguns. Because they fire multiple projectiles at once, pinpoint accuracy isn’t usually required. If you’re doing any sort of wing shooting or busting clays, they probably would do more harm than good, forcing you to aim when you should be concentrating on following through. But when the target is relatively stationary, an optic of some sort can really be a benefit.

The magnification a scope provides is welcome in the deer woods, especially on a slug gun, helping you make distant shots with greater ease. Turkey hunters employ ultra-tight chokes that keep patterns narrow out to 40 yards and beyond, so knowing your exact point of aim is essential for them. And with the growth in 3-gun contests, more and more competitors are looking to reflex sights to help them get on target faster in competitions where seconds count.

Types of Shotgun Optics

There are a few different types of optics that can be used on shotguns. Each has their strengths and weaknesses, so I’ll go over each and you can decide which best suits your usage. Like most types of equipment, there isn’t one that will be ideal in every situation. You’ll need to decide what the shotgun will be used for most of the time and make your choice based on that.

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