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Formula for a Fantastic First Hunt

Ready to take that newcomer hunting? Rather than re-live the sitcom that was my first hunt – and that’s not counting my bad shooting – try the suggestions I outline in this video to ensure success and cultivate a new hunting partner. Remember, everything is unfamiliar to your new recruit, so don’t presume they will come prepared, mentally, logistically, or emotionally. And it’s up to you to manage expectations – for shooting skills, “luck,” and even the weather. Keep things upbeat, and celebrate every aspect of the hunt, not just a full game bag. Good luck, and thanks for taking a newcomer hunting!

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From small game and upland birds to big game, waterfowl and even the creatures that define the term “top of the food chain,” hunting offers a priceless bond with the natural world, food for the table and a welcome respite from the world’s daily grind.

One hunt can be all it takes to create a new hunter for life. With your help, we can recruit the next generation of hunters and shooters and grow America’s hunting heritage like never before. Join the +ONE Movement and invite a friend on your next hunt. Share your passion with posts on social media with #PlusOneMovement and #LetsGoHunting.

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