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How to Safely Hunt From a Treestand

Treestands are one of the most popular and effective methods of deer hunting throughout the eastern half of our country. Being perched high in a tree offers concealment from a whitetail’s sharp eyesight, helps to keep a hunter’s scent from spooking game and gets a hunter above cover for a clear view and shot.

Unfortunately, treestand falls are a common cause of injury and death among hunters. A misplaced step, a broken tie-on strap or ladder step or a falling tree can all cause catastrophic results. Proper treestand safety techniques can all but eliminate accidents, and teaching new hunters to follow these safety tips will result in a lifetime of safe hunting.

Preparing to Hunt from a Treestand

When hunting from a treestand preparation is everything but it doesn’t need to be a headache either. Here are a few key tips for preparing to hunt from a treestand safely and increase your chances of success.

Treestand Hunting Safety

Are you or a friend planning to hunt from a treestand this season? What could possibly go wrong? Here are a few key safety tips to remember when hunting from a treestand.

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