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3 Wild Turkey Recipes to Try this Spring

Help ensure your harvest is just as memorable on the table as it was in the field.

  1. Wild Turkey Schnitzel

Wild Turkey Schnitzel

One of our favorite ways to cook and serve wild turkey is in the German schnitzel style. While most traditional German schnitzels are breaded and fried pork, the method works well for any meat, including wild turkey.

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  1. “Instant Pot” Wild Turkey and Dumplings

Dumpling and Turkey plated

Looking for a quick and easy way to use your wild turkey legs and thighs? Break out the Instant Pot and make this Wild Turkey and Dumplings dish. While wild turkey legs and thighs would normally take all day in the slow cooker or simmered in a pot, the Instant Pot pressure cooker tenderizes them in less than an hour.

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  1. Wild Turkey Buffalo Cheese Dip

Turkey Buffalo Dip

Heading to a party or get-together and want to bring a wild-game dish everyone will love? Do you have a wild turkey breast in your freezer? Then make this creamy, cheesy dip.

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