Dogs Provide the Ultimate Intro to Hunting for New Hunters

By Scott Linden

New hunters are the future of conservation, and many of you are embracing the concept of finding and helping them. Keep up the good work! But you also love watching your dog. It’s why you go hunting. Bird dogs work hard, are beautiful to watch, and boy, the adrenaline rush when the bird gets up!

If you’re a bird hunter, you probably will never forget that first point or flush. Odds are, it’s what made you into a hunter. But did you ever think of your dog as a way to recruit new hunters? Inviting a friend to help you train your dog is a fun, convenient, safe way to introduce the magic of dogs — and hunting — to a newcomer. Watch the video to find out how and why — and while you’re at it, take the +ONE Pledge today and introduce someone new to hunting.

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