From Field to Fork

By: Daphane Cassidy

Do you have a desire to learn how to source your own protein? Have you always wanted to learn more about hunting but weren’t sure who to ask? Would you like to introduce others to the many benefits of hunting while also helping to ensure the future of hunting? If you answered yes to any […]

Dogs Provide the Ultimate Intro to Hunting for New Hunters

By: Daphane Cassidy

By Scott Linden New hunters are the future of conservation, and many of you are embracing the concept of finding and helping them. Keep up the good work! But you also love watching your dog. It’s why you go hunting. Bird dogs work hard, are beautiful to watch, and boy, the adrenaline rush when the bird […]

+ONE Gains Traction with Industry Conservation Partners

By: Daphane Cassidy

By Josh Honeycutt It’s no secret, our hunting heritage is in trouble. According to the National Survey of Hunting, Fishing, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation, for most of the past decade, hunter numbers have declined significantly. Fortunately, there are many organizations working to help reverse this detrimental trend—and who have taken the message of NSSF’s +ONESM Movement […]

What the Great American Outdoors Act Means for Hunters

By: Daphane Cassidy

President Donald Trump signed the Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA), H.R. 1957 into law. This historic federal law is among the most meaningful legislative measures for sportsmen conservationists ever. The GAOA is a leap forward to delivering on the promise of sustained wildlife conservation, public land hunting and recreational shooting for current and future generations of […]

Enter to Win! Wingshooting USA +ONE Sweepstakes

By: Erik Scarpati

Enter the Wingshooting USA® +ONESM Sweepstakes Thank you for entering the Wingshooting USA® +ONESM Sweepstakes and joining the +ONESM Movement. Now it’s time to invite someone hunting and make good on your +ONESM Pledge. #LetsGoHunting! Watch Wingshooting USA Wingshooting USA focuses on the FUN of this great sport and honors the dogs that make it all possible. […]

Discovering ‘Why Women Hunt’—and Much More

By: Daphane Cassidy

By Bill Miller For a long time, far too long, hunting has been “a man’s world.” However, a glimpse at social media today will reveal more and more women trying—and liking—hunting. Successful hunting and fishing writer Kristine J. Houtman’s new book, “Why Women Hunt,” tells the stories of a wide range of women who have […]

Can a Piece of Grilled Backstrap Save Hunting?

By: Daphane Cassidy

By Michael Pendley The crowd surrounding the Quality Deer Management Association’s Hank Forester and his grill had been attracted by the enticing scent of grilled venison wafting across the farmers market. Few if any of the urban locavore crowd were hunters, but they were all there that morning to procure locally grown (and preferably organic) […]

State Agencies are on the Front Lines of the Battle to Increase Hunter Numbers

By: Daphane Cassidy

By Michael Pendley State departments of natural resources and fish and game agencies are worried. Their chief function is to manage and protect their state’s wildlife populations. To do that, most rely at least partly on income from license sales and allocated federal tax dollars derived directly from the sale of hunting and fishing gear. […]

Staying Home to Make a Difference—John Annoni and the +ONE Movement

By: Daphane Cassidy

By Mark Demko Seventeen-year-old Elisbeth Tejada-Moya walks into the classroom, shaking the water off her coat. She’s just taken a 15-minute bus ride from her school, followed by a 15-minute walk in the rain, to get to an afterschool program where she learns about foxes, firearms safety and forestry, all in the same afternoon. While […]