Ducks at a Distance | Wildlife Identification

By: Daphane Cassidy

Developing wildlife identification skills is a basic requirement for hunters. Knowing the key characteristics of animals will help you distinguish between similar species and between the male and female of the same species. Waterfowl Waterfowl are warm-blooded animals that live on or near water, and include diving ducks and puddle ducks. Puddle ducks are found […]

Formula for a Fantastic First Hunt

By: Erik Scarpati

Ready to take that newcomer hunting? Keep things upbeat, and celebrate every aspect of the hunt, not just a full game bag.

Understanding The Basics of Ballistics | Firearm Science

By: Daphane Cassidy

Ballistics: The science of the motion of projectiles, such as bullets or pellets. Whether you’re hunting or practicing with a firearm, there are several things you can see and control, like where your muzzle’s pointing, if the safety is on, and if the gun is loaded. But there are some very important things happening that […]

BBQ Venison and Sauerkraut Sandwiches

By: Daphane Cassidy

By Michael Pendley These quick and easy BBQ sandwiches are perfect for a quick venison meal—and a great way to start emptying the freezer of last year’s deer meat as you start summer scouting for this year’s hunts. Thinly sliced venison steaks get pan seared then simmered in a sweet and spicy sauce. Top the […]

State Agencies are on the Front Lines of the Battle to Increase Hunter Numbers

By: Daphane Cassidy

By Michael Pendley State departments of natural resources and fish and game agencies are worried. Their chief function is to manage and protect their state’s wildlife populations. To do that, most rely at least partly on income from license sales and allocated federal tax dollars derived directly from the sale of hunting and fishing gear. […]

Shopping for a New Binocular

By: Daphane Cassidy

By Phil Massaro A binocular is one of those tools that end up proving to be nearly invaluable. From checking distant targets for a fellow shooter to scouting for deer in the early autumn and bird watching, a binocular allows you to see more and see better. There’s a lot to choose from in the […]

Staying Home to Make a Difference—John Annoni and the +ONE Movement

By: Daphane Cassidy

By Mark Demko Seventeen-year-old Elisbeth Tejada-Moya walks into the classroom, shaking the water off her coat. She’s just taken a 15-minute bus ride from her school, followed by a 15-minute walk in the rain, to get to an afterschool program where she learns about foxes, firearms safety and forestry, all in the same afternoon. While […]

Argentinian-Style Grilled Elk Backstrap with Chimichurri Sauce Recipe

By: Daphane Cassidy

By Michael Pendley Elk backstrap doesn’t need much help when it comes to the flavor department, but this Argentinian-style seasoning blend and chimichurri sauce help to put it over the top. Ingredients 1 thick-cut elk backstrap, sliced into medallions ¾- to 1-inch thick per person, about 8 ounces each Seasoning Blend 2 tablespoons Kosher salt […]

Understanding Modern In-Line Muzzleloader Basics Ahead of Hunting Season

By: Daphane Cassidy

Have you ever considered heading afield during muzzleloader hunting season? “Muzzleloader” is the term given to early firearms because they are loaded from the muzzle — powder, wadding and projectiles — rather having a cartridge to insert into the chamber. Muzzleloaders were common firearms during the Revolutionary War, and while these arms are often seen […]

Introducing the Next Generation of Hunters—Part 2

By: Daphane Cassidy

By Jason Houser In Part 1 of this column, I talked about the details that can help ensure a person you’re mentoring goes from being a new hunter to a life-long hunter. Fun should be at the top of the list there, but you also need to cover the realities of a hunt. Safety — […]